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Customized Kids Superhero Capes | Personalized Children's Capes - Superhero's Capes
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We have capes and masks party pack for superhero and cartoon cosplay. All capes are made with high quality satin. They are double sided, vibrant 2-color capes with heat transferred logos. And the felt masks are elastic. These are child sized, one size fits most kids.

Cosplay Masks

From Our Heroes

This will be a perfect present for my 6 year old nephew. As we all know kids love to play and pretend that they are one of those superheroes. In fact this masks costumes can also be uses on Halloween costume party. The costumes comes in four sets on different colors and with different characters. Kids will have an option on which color to use on a day and lend to their playmates. The fabric is thick so it will last for a while. NO extra threads hanging and are well stitched. The capes are secured by a Velcro. My nephew will love this.
The items are great for young kids and in the 6 months they have used them, they have held up well with no breaking. The material used is of high quality and the size is good for kids around 4. My 2 year old still wears them, but you have to adapt them for his size. I am very happy with my purchase and would (and have) recommended them to others to buy.
These are a house favorite! And an outing favorite haha! Most of the time my kids cant leave the house without one of these capes on! I do think Ill have to replace them before the year is through, but if you wore the same shirt every day, you’d have to replace it pretty quickly too and these capes still take pretty well to a daily beating at the beach, grocery story, park, you name it!
Absolutely worth every penny!! This cape is BEYOND exceptional! It is long enough to fit children through their teen years and beyond, in my opinion. Plenty of room in the neck. It may fall a little low on a smaller child, but my 5 year old found it comfortable. The mask is a little tight, however. It wouldn’t fit a child older than 8 or 9 without being too tight. It can be easily fixed by cutting off the elastic and replacing it with your own at the appropriate length. It’s a well made mask!
We gave this to our 4 year old grandson for Christmas. I wasn’t sure if he would be disappointed because it wasn’t a toy, but I didn’t have to worry. He absolutely loved the caps and masks and tried all of them on. He was racing around the room, jumping off the chairs and rolling off the ottoman, then striking a pose in front of the mirror I set up for him. He loved these items, and my daughter commented on how sturdy and well made they are. We got him the toddler size due to the length, and it was just right. One of the best gifts we’re ever given him.